1. angel_

    B4J Question [BANano] SKCheckbox not change status - iPad

    On iPad with Chrome and Safari the SKCheckbox is always checked, if you click on the check it does not change status
  2. Mashiane

    SithasoDaisy: Mashy Teaches TailwindCSS using b4x (with eBook)

    Get SithasoDaisy for $15 here. Welcome to the SithasoDaisy world. Check $5 WebApps Join on Telegram Get the eBook See it in action on Netlify or See it from a FlipBook SithasoDaisy is a library of components...
  3. Mashiane

    Share My Creation SithasoDaisy: TailwindCSS + DaisyUI Toolbox

    LAUNCHED!!!! Check our FlipBook Order your copy now at $15. Includes... Lifetime support on your SithasoDaisy projects eBook on how to get started Source code for die hard coders (see current Netlify Demo) Abstract designer based examples for the no code / less code kind Support subsciption...
  4. soyVB6

    B4J Question RESOLVED [BANanoVuetifyAD3] VRadio1.Check

    Hello ! It's a simple query from a BANano newbie. Because this returns empty: Log("VRadio1.Check:") Log(VRadio1.Check) 'Empty 'OR Log("VRadio1.VElement.Value:") Log(VRadio1.VElement.Value) 'Empty If (VRadio1.Check == "true") Then End If Help !
  5. toby

    B4J Question [BANano Skeleton] How to delete all session data at once?

    Until BANano.EmptyLocalStorage2, BANano.EmptySessionStorage2 deletes a single piece of data at a time. Any reason for the difference? How, if any, to delete all session data at once?
  6. toby

    B4J Question [BANano] PWA project default image files

    After creating a brand new PWA project, 19 image files will be created in the Files folder. Which of them are essential and which of them are optional? android-chrome-192x192.png android-chrome-512x512.png apple-touch-icon.png favicon-16x16.png favicon-32x32.png ipadpro1_splash.png...
  7. toby

    B4J Question [BANano] multiple page PWA view events not fired

    I'm trying to create a simple multiple-page PWA test app. The code from @alwaysbusy works: But I need the nice layout of the default PWA app (the one you get after you select BANano PWA...
  8. H

    Bug? [BANano] Server cannot compile

    Does anyone know some workaround? Compiler error: src\b4j\example\ error: no suitable constructor found for FilterHolder(Class<CAP#1>) FilterHolder fh = new FilterHolder((Class<? extends Filter>) Class.forName("org.eclipse.jetty.servlets.CrossOriginFilter"))...
  9. Mashiane

    [BANanoVuetifyAD3] Server Side Rendering (Almost)

    Hi there Yesterday I got meself thinking, what if I could ensure SSR (Server Side Rendering) be possible in the BVAD3 apps.? Server-side rendering (SSR) is an application’s ability to convert HTML files on the server into a fully rendered HTML page for the client. The web browser submits a...
  10. L

    B4J Question [BANanoServer] Exposed Web Socket Messages

    I noted that when I run a BananoServer project (release compile) I can see "Reconnecting web socket" messages in the Verbose part of the client side web browser console. I don't like these messages being exposed. I assume they are not exposed when using HTTPS, but not all use HTTPS when using...
  11. Mashiane

    B4J Code Snippet [BANano] Execute events when the internet is offline and or online

    Hi there The browser has a very nice way to detect whether its offline (internet off) and online (internet on), without one having to define a timer. The window object has an online and an offline status event. This can be useful when you want, when the internet goes off, log off a user etc...
  12. L

    B4J Question [BananoServer] [Banano] Issues in New Version 7.35

    I just updated to the new Banano/BananoServer version 7.35 (thank you Alain Bailleul). I am a BananoServer user and I noted the following in the new version: 1) In the new BananoServer version, I must add the following additional jars to make it work (even if I do not use HikariCP)...
  13. S

    B4J Question banano fetch error

    Hello i trying to make an api call with this code: Dim error As BANanoObject Dim data As BANanoJSONParser Dim api As String = Vtxtapi.GetValue(home) Dim options As BANanoFetchOptions options.Initialize options.Method = "GET" options.Mode="no-cors" Dim hdrs As Map...
  14. Mashiane

    [BANanoVuetifyAD3] Exciting stuff on the way in 2022 for RAD WebApp/PWA/Website Development

    Hi there BTW, Happy new year. Its such a pleasure to work on this library and thanks to everyone behind this project. We have some amazing components coming e.g. AvatarGroup + Minus Plus VChip. These afford a lot of endless possibilities. This also enabled us to test the combo multi-select...
  15. Mashiane

    Share My Creation [BANanoVuetifyAD3] BANanoServer - DirectSQLite CRUD

    Ola Download Successfully implement a direct SQLite connection for BANanoVuetifyAD3 BANanoServer SQLite and did some crud. This depends on BANanoVuetifyAD3 Version 6.05 Update 15. NB: This uses jSQL DataSource Connection Settings This shoul be uploaded soon...
  16. P

    B4J Question [BANano] [BANanoServer] Upload progress etc

    Hi! Just recently discovered the BANano and BANanoServer projects and I'm completely thrilled. I looked around a bit, and couldn't find any examples or hints on how to do the following stuff: Multiple simultaneous uploads (an asynchronous solution that is) that allows me to show the upload...
  17. Star-Dust

    B4J Question BANanoVuetifyAD3 SignIn, authentication and AppBar

    I noticed using the SignIn example that if I log into the page, it can log in without being authenticated. It is a problem if the person manages to enter the pages by saving the address and recalling the history without having to authenticate. Is it a solvable...
  18. C

    B4J Question [BANano]NumberFormat2 gives a different behavior in BANano than in B4J

    Hi, It says that NumberFormat and NumberFormat2 is supported in BANano but I get a different behavior than in B4J. If I use: NumberFormat2(314.159265359, 1, 2, 0, False)) In B4J I get what I want: 314.16 In BANano I only get (wrong) 314 If I change MinimumFractions to 2 then I get (this is...
  19. C

    B4J Question [BANanoVuetifyAD3] Why do Select and Textfields get a white field with a grey boarders ?

    Hi, I try to add select and textfields in Visual/Abstract Designer and I get a white field which is not present in the Kitchen Sink demo, see picture: I can not see anything that differs in the generated html code between mine and the Kitchen Sink Demo. I do not want the white field with the...
  20. Mashiane

    BANanoVuetifyAD3 - Contact Manager WebApp featuring MySQL + jRDC2 (no PHP)

    Ola First, thanks to everyone and each of our sponsors and donators who has made this possible. This would not be possible without B4X and BANano. Many thanks to those intellects. Over the past few months we have been attempting to ensure BANanoVuetifyAD3 works very well with jRDC2. We have...