B4J Question [BANano]: [SOLVED] How to UTF8 encode strings for URL querystrings?


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Hi there

In my b4a I use this sub to convert a map to a querystring that I eventually pass to HTTP to execute a PHP request from my MySQL db.

Is there a method to encode strings in banano, for example, Im using stringutils for this..

'convert a map to a querystring
Sub Map2QueryString(sm As Map) As String
    ' convert a map to a querystring string
    Dim SU As StringUtils
    Dim iCnt As Int
    Dim iTot As Int
    Dim sb As StringBuilder
    Dim mValue As String
    ' get size of map
    iTot = sm.Size - 1
    iCnt = 0
    For Each mKey As String In sm.Keys
        mValue = sm.Getdefault(mKey,"")
        mValue = mValue.trim
        mValue = SU.EncodeUrl(mValue, "UTF8")
        mKey = mKey.Trim
        If mKey.EndsWith("=") = False Then mKey = mKey & "="
        If iCnt < iTot Then sb.Append("&")
        iCnt = iCnt + 1
    Return sb.ToString
End Sub

Thanks in advance...