[BANanoVuetifyAD3] Exciting stuff on the way in 2022 for RAD WebApp/PWA/Website Development


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Hi there

BTW, Happy new year.

Its such a pleasure to work on this library and thanks to everyone behind this project.

We have some amazing components coming e.g. AvatarGroup + Minus Plus VChip. These afford a lot of endless possibilities. This also enabled us to test the combo multi-select saving & retrieving of choices using the AutoComplete PersonList. For more details see the code for the pages indicated in the video below.

Get yourself a free copy of BANanoVuetifyAD3 right now from GitHub and start creating your webapps/pwa/websites using the Abstract Designer.


For more details:

PS: We will also touch on creating ListViews, Touch Directives, VirtualScroll e.g. loading 1M records to a listView etc etc. Watch this space.