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Hi, thank you for your interest.

There is some BVAD3 legacy code that DOES NOT USE (a) the abstract designer and (b) the data-source. Everything has been coded. Whilst some of the methodologies used in these projects are no longer recommended (especially how the VueElement is used and usage of BindVueElement), one can learn a lot from the code.

The ceveat with this though is that BVAD3 604 is compatible and anything later is not

So let's get to it. What can you learn from the source code? (Besides the VueElement & BindVueElement usage)

1. Using the VueElement to create any component
2. Creating VueDataTables via code and load data to it. (compatible with 7.30)
3. Creating Dialogs/Forms via code
4. Building the navigation drawer via code.
5. Using the BANanoSQLiteE (SQLite PHP CRUD) via code. (compatible with 7.30)
6. Using the BANanoMySQLE (MySQL PHP CRUD) via code (compatible with 7.30)
7. Building GRIDS via code e.g AddRow / AddColumn (compatible with 7.30)
8. Exporting DataTable to PDF via code (compatible with 7.30)
9. Adding Validation Rules (compatible with 7.30)
etc etc

And yes, the code runs, with BVAD3 604

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Affected Projects

House Rental

PS: The download folder contains BVAD3 604 and the source code for the projects. Get your copy today and work your magic~!
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