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BVAD PHP Connection Tester

Update: Please keep watch of the BVAD3 library as this gets updated from time to time.



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It does the following & uses

1. MySQL backend using PHP.
2. Developed with BANano+Vuetify+Abstract Designer aka BVAD3.
3. CRUD Businesses
4. CRUD Clients
5. CRUD Taxes
6. CRUD Invoices including Line Items
7. Print Data-Tables to PDF
8. Print individual invoice to PDF
9. Save Invoices to MySQL backend

NB: 10. Whilst you are creating your invoices, it is saved to LocalStorage up until you save it to the database.

Running it

1. mysqli extension should be activated on your PHP running webserver.
2. import the attached .SQL file to MySQL - this can be done via phpMyAdmin
3. update the myconfig.php file with your connection settings.
4. update the file with your actual webserver address for BANanoPHP.
5. Open and run the BANanoVuetifyAD3 project and run it in release mode. DO NOT COMPILE TO JAR.
6. Open the BVAD3Invoicer project and run it.

Source code @ $11.

If you bundle this with the House Rental WebApp, the cost is $16 for both.
If you had procured the House Rental WebApp before, the cost for this for you is $8 instead of $11.

Watch this space!


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Ability to save and retrieve invoice details from LocalStorage.
I hope this is for demo only and that a big warning is given to the devs that chances are VERY REAL the user will permanently lose all his invoices when using local storage. Local storage should be used very temporary and should be synced with a server/cloud as fast as possible.



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Update: Please note I have sent a Test Drive Version, so that you can explore it. Please follow the instructions on the first post on how to configure and run it using MySQL as a backend.

Watch this:

A completed version is coming to your doorstep soon.

Some wonderful news: The data-table for line items has inline editing.
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