B4J Tutorial [BANanoZUI] Having a blast with LiveSwapping whilst creating ZUI (Zoomable User Interfaces)

Ola, #Dreams do come true


The source code for this is in the Demos\3. LiveSwapping folder

Previsouly I explored the BANano LiveSwapping feautures with BANanoVueMaterial/Vuetify. The experience was sooo good. With my new library BANanoZUI (Zoomable User Interfaces), the experience is smooth and worth the ride. You should really explore this!

Here we code our zoomable user interface, this is just a beginner experience. The built up for this lib is great! The library is complete (less than 10 custom views, all created with the BANano Custom View Creator off course) and one with their existing knowledge of BANano and B4X, can code to their desires.

The ZircleUI website comes with tons of examples and documentation, I'm also playing with them myself, we will display maps and charts also as we go along.

Let's do this!