Barcode scanners


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There are two types of scanners, some scanners use the serial port to send the data and some send the data in the same way the keyboard sends the data.
Use the Serial library for the first type of scanners.
For the second type of scanners you can use the attached example (which includes a small library).
This library adds the TextChanged event for TextBoxes.
This event will happen after the scanner sends the data.


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Can you maybe help me?
I have a barcodescanner Symbol 9090. I would think instead of keyboard-input I could use the barcode-scanner in the 9090. The problem is I can not use the laser/scanner and I think I have to activate something or put an extra program on my pda. I have read about a program called scan2key but I can not find it anywhere. I'm also unsure if scan2key is for a symbol handheld.
Thanks for maybe your help.