Other Basic4android v3.50 is released!


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I'm happy to release Basic4android v3.50. This update brings major improvements to the debugging features of Basic4android.

With this update you can enjoy the rapidness and power of the rapid debugger with runtime performance close to non-debug deployments.

A new powerful watch expression feature is also available:


This allows you to easily evaluate expressions when the debugger is paused.

New features and improvements:
  • Rapid debugger runtime performance is now close to non-debugged applications.
  • Watch Expressions feature (see screenshot above).
  • The rapid debuggers uses a virtual assets folder. This makes it possible to redeploy only the modified files. This feature makes deployments of large projects with many files much faster.
  • Visual designer - Views tree performance is significantly better. Views preserve their names when pasting views between layouts.
  • #AdditionalRes attribute can be used multiple times.
  • ScrollView.ScrollToNow method (available in HorizontalScrollView as well). Immediately scrolls the ScrollView to the new position.
  • Quick Search tool (Ctrl + I) - An index based search tool for quick searching (in all modules):


  • Regions were added to the Find Sub (Ctrl + E) tool.
  • New attributes: #DebuggerForceFullDeployment and #DebuggerForceStandardAssets.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.
There is a new style attribute in B4A.xml: CurrentLine. This attribute sets the color of the currently active line.
Users who are eligible for a free upgrade should receive an email with the download link. Please allow up to 12 hours for the mail to arrive.
Other users should receive a mail with a discount offer (it will be sent tomorrow).

I would like to thank the beta testers for their help with the continuing development of Basic4android.
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Very nice. Thank you Erel! :)
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Thanks for releasing. The debug watch is really useful.
I'm getting ax exception using the ICOSWorldWeather when I call
I always get a file not found exception, no matter what file is involved.
java.io.FileNotFoundException: weathericon/wsymbol_0004_black_low_cloud.png

Up to this morning, before updating to 3.50, everything worked fine. Do I have to make any action? I've refreshed the files tab and clean project as well. Of course actual files are at their own place into the Files directory.
Is this related to 3.50?

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Steve Miller

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I love the watch variables for debugging the best. Behaves similar to visual studio. Now, if we had the ability to change the value in a watched variable while stopped at a breakpoint, that would be the best!
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