Basic4PPC 6.50 Issues with my 6.30 code


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Hello all,

i recently upgraded to 6.50 and am facing some issues with the new version.My forum search did not return any results, so i open a new thread.

- compiling my project as windows exe works fine, but when i start the exe, it
brings up an error message, .net failed to initialize , asking me to install one of the .net framework versions listed in the error message box.After i changed the compiler to optimization, the windows exe is starting without this error message, but i get some range errors from the program code.After confirming them the program continues to run as normal as before.

- device exe compiles without any error messages, but at a certain point the keyboard symbol in the lower right corner disappears, unfortunately then, when the program expects an input from the keyboard.I do see this symptom for the very first time and do not have any explanation for this.I did not dig as deep in my code yet regarding this, but i think, i am opening a string gadget to let the user type in some string.This is the point in time, when the keyboard symbol disappears.

I can imagine, that the 1st symptom is probably very common, while the second is a bit more special.

I am using a couple of libs - of course.

Both symptoms did not occur under 6.30.

Any suggestions very welcomed.




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1. Try to reinstall Basic4ppc. First go to Control Panel - Add/Remove programs and remove all instances of Basic4ppc Desktop.
2. This is a known windows mobile bug. It can happen on certain devices. I don't think it is related to v6.50. Make sure you are running the latest .Net CF 2.0:
You can also place a small button at the lower right corner which will replace the original button.
Sub button1_Click
 Hardware.SIPEnabled = Not(Hardware.SIPEnabled)
End Sub


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Hi Erel,

thanks for your quick reply.

Both issues have been resolved.

1. I installed the latest .net 3.5 Framework on desktop.This appeared to be the fix.The out of range errors were caused by a wrong preferences file, which had been created by the windows version of my program and not being compatible to the mobile version.

These out of range errors are causing me headaches since a while.

2. I installed the .net CF 1.0 SP3 and the CF 2.0 SP2 versions on the device.I cannot exactly say which of both resolved the issue, but it is gone now.

kind regards,