Basic4ppc V6.0 is released


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I'm happy to release Basic4ppc V6.0.
Version 6.0 is one of the more important upgrades.
A completely new compilation engine was written.

Compiled applications are now much smaller and much faster.
Startup time was reduced by half and running time is 3-4 times faster.
I want to thank the beta testers who really helped with developing this version.

The new version was sent by email.
Please contact if you were supposed to receive the free upgrade and didn't receive it.

Users who bought Basic4ppc Standard version over a year ago will receive a special upgrade price offer in the next couple of days.

Happy New Year,
Erel Uziel
Anywhere Software


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got 6.01 scalc 3 is 75% smaller and scalc 4 got a lot of error msg about menu names same as sub etc. no time to got further.:signOops: