Basic4ppc V6.80 - first beta is released

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Erel, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Erel

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    The first beta is now available for download.
    All beta testers should receive an email soon with setup instructions.
    All licensed users are welcomed to join the beta testers group. Please send me a private message if you like to test the new version.

    The new version introduces the following enhancements:

    · New AutoScale compilation mode which allows the program to scale automatically according to the device screen resolution.
    · All internal controls are compatible with high resolution screens.
    · VGA device IDE is included.
    · New keywords:
    · ScreenScaleX / ScreenScaleY - Returns the relation between the screen dpi and QVGA dpi. Returns 1 for QVGA screens and 2 for VGA screens.
    · SenderFullName - Returns the full name (including module) of the control that fired the current event.
    · AddHashtable - Adds a Hashtable at runtime
    · AddStack - Adds a Stack at runtime.
    · New Hashtable collection.
    · New Stack collection.
    · Label supports transparent mode.
    · Device IDE:
    · New Find dialog.
    · Edit functions use the standard clipboard.
    · Desktop IDE:
    · New 'Go to line' dialog.
    · Highlighting of selected word in document.
    · Right pane objects tree has a 'Show Subs' option which expands the subs and collapses other entities.
    · SQL library updated to SQLite v3.6.3.
    · SQL library support encrypting and decrypting databases.
    · SQL library properly handles null values in ExecuteTable method.
    · Libraries handling was improved.
    · Files format was changes to be more robust.
    · Some changes regarding libraries development.
    · Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

    Requirement change: The device IDE requires Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2.0 (preinstalled on WM6 devices).

    This is a beta version. Beta testers should backup their projects before opening them in the new version.
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