Basic4ppc v6.80 is released


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I'm happy to release Basic4ppc v6.80.
The new version includes many improvements such as:

- New AutoScale compilation mode which allows the program to scale automatically according to the device screen resolution.
- All internal controls are compatible with high resolution screens.
- VGA device IDE is included.

New keywords:
- ScreenScaleX / ScreenScaleY - Returns the relation between the screen dpi and QVGA dpi. Returns 1 for QVGA screens and 2 for VGA screens.
- SenderFullName - Returns the full name (including module) of the control that fired the current event.
- AddHashtable - Adds a Hashtable at runtime
- AddStack - Adds a Stack at runtime.
- New Hashtable collection.
- New Stack collection.
- Label supports transparent mode.

Device IDE:
- New Find dialog.
- Edit functions use the standard clipboard.

Desktop IDE:
- New 'Go to line' dialog.
- Highlighting of selected word in document.
- SQL library updated to SQLite v3.6.3.
- SQL library support encrypting and decrypting databases.

All users who bought the standard version in the last year or bought the enterprise version in the last three years, should receive an email with upgrade instructions. The email should arrive in about 24 hours.
I want to thank all the beta testers for their great help with this release :icon_clap:.


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Problem with insatllation

Hi Erel,

I tried to install the new Version 6.80, but it didn´t work.

The following message arrived (see attachment).

In the E-Mail you wrote:
If you are not asked to locate the license file and the email address you enter doesn't match, then you should manually replace the old license file by copying the new license to Basic4ppc folder which is by default: c:\Program Files\Anywhere Software\Basic4ppc Desktop

I did what you wrote, but it was the same problem.

What can I do now?

Thank you in advance.


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Will it complete the installation if you choose 'Ignore'?
If I choose "Ignore", there is no reaction.

After several tries, I decided to (re-)install the Version 6.50, but after that it doesn´t work also.

The following message apeared (see attachment).

I copied the former "license.txt" back, but it doesn´t work.

Now I have two Versions which don´t work (6.50 / 6.80)

On my laptop is WIN XP.

Maybe there is a problem with the license because of the "wrong" E-Mail-Adress?




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Hi Erel,

Thank you very much for your really fast support and your help!

Now it works! :sign0060:


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Email not received Basic4ppc v6.80

Erel, could you please send me a new email for instructions to download Basic4ppc v6.80.
Thanks Bluesnoop


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Xmas discount

Will there be a Nice Xmas Discount for NewBee's
who want to get the New 6.80 For xmas
Im Ready to Jump in.