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I need audio functionalities, more complicated than MediaPlayer can provide.
In Microsoft Windows environment, i usually use BASS.DLL (www.un4seen.com) to achieve it.

Now I want to implement BASS function in Linux environment.
I have LIBBASS.SO library file and wrapper for linux NATIVEBASS-LINUX32.JAR available, yet can't find any documentation to understand how to use them in B4J.
Tried adding #AdditionalJar in B4J, but how to call the functions ?

Please help this newbie..


  • NativeBass-linux32.jar
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  • NativeBass.jar
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  • libbass.zip
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Erel, using MediaPlayer, i can only playback audio files. Actually there are functions i need :
1. while playback, can show audio level unit (VU display)
2. Need a functions to combine small WAV files, become 1 long WAV file.
3. if i have 7.1 soundcard, i want to play the WAV on specific channel (front, rear, rear2, center/sub)

All these 3 functions can be done using BASS library for windows, so i want to use them in B4J in Linux Ubuntu if possible.
Kindly advice.
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