Wish Better meta handling for git usage


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We have some problems if we using github for a huge project.

Especially when several people are working on it.
For single private projects on which only I work I have no problems.

the main problem is how the "meta" data is saved inside the actual project file. There are always parts wich github cannot merge automatically, even it was a simple task. So we always need to fix the merge manually, wich costs a lot of time. Why the libaries list cant be a simple array?

In our company we now working on a heavy and big project in B4A. It already contains over 200 classes and it will grow further.
If one worker adds a new module, it reanges all indices in the .b4a file. wich makes it very hard to merge and even harder if you merge multiple branches where some branches adds and others deletes or move modules. Someone always need to add the module again manually into the right group.
So if we need to merge 5 branches into the main its a mess as hell.
Sometime few modules are also missing after merge and so on

I would love to see a better handling of such meta informations as fast as possible,
like just a list of libs and modules instead of something like "Module20=Database"
Were working with Visual Studio in the past without any problems. (Besides it already contains a full git integration and Teambrowser)

Just a example of what happening when you merge a branch wich only contains 5 new modules



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Wrote a small tool as a workaround (hopefully temporary ;) )