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    public Sub Bicubic(P As Path, X1 As Int, Y1 As Int, aX1 As Int, aY1 As Int, X2 As Int, Y2 As Int, aX2 As Int, aY2 As Int, Increment As Float)
    Dim Percent As Float, X3 As Int, Y3 As Int, X4 As Int, Y4 As Int
    If Increment <= 0 Then Increment = 0.01
        MakePoint(P, X1, Y1)
    Do Until Percent > 1
            X3 = CalculatePoint(X1, aX1, Percent)
                Y3 = CalculatePoint(Y1, aY1, Percent)
                X4 = CalculatePoint(aX2, X2, Percent)
                Y4 = CalculatePoint(aY2, Y2, Percent)
                X3 = CalculatePoint(X3, X4, Percent)
                Y3 = CalculatePoint(Y3, Y4, Percent)
                MakePoint(P, X3, Y3)
       MakePoint(P, X2, Y2)
    End Sub
    Public Sub CalculatePoint(PT1 As Int, PT2 As Int, Percent As Float) As Int
    Return (PT2 - PT1) * Percent + PT1
    End Sub
    Sub MakePoint(P As Path, X As Int, Y As Int)
    If P.IsInitialized Then
    End If
    End Sub
    Usage: P is a path object, does not need to be initialized. It will initialize it automatically, or just add points to an existing path. After it's done, you can use a canvas to draw the path however you like

    X1/Y1 is the first point, aX1/aY1 is it's anchor point
    X2/Y2 is the second point, aX2/aY2 is it's anchor point
    The curves will start from X1/Y1 and go to X2/Y2, using the anchor points to manipulate the shape of the curve
    This is the same method photoshop uses for it's vector curves, and uses less math than bezier curves

    Increment is a fraction between 0 and 1 that defines how many points in the curve there will be (1/fraction=number of points)
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