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It's my first app for B4A! It's some side code for a larger application, but because of my problems with panels and animation (this is my first week, be easy on me ;) ), I've decided to isolate the code and just polish app to become this... Added Google Ad Mob.


Have you ever wanted a simple dice tool in the palm of your hand? Black Dice is the new way to roll, with most of the most important dice just a thumbs reach away! The perfect backup for the physical dice, on that gaming night where you're distracted by a text... Or you left your set at home. Simple interface that just works and lets you do a lot with a couple of clicks. It's a go to when you have a pencil in one hand as your writing on your character sheet with the other. Don't RPG without this!
Just tap away at the dice! On the bottom corner of each button, it will show you what your rolling and what the modifier is!

Black Dice has some quick click features (hidden functions):

  • Hold down the dice to change the multiplier of the dice... Goes from x2 to x5 and back to Single Die.
  • Hold down the modifier to clear the modifier & go back to regular rolls.
  • Hold down the Display to clear your rolls
  • Hold down Custom to make a Custom Roll: 1-9 Dice, 1-99 Sides, +999/-999 per roll, +999/-999 after total roll
Note: Black Dice does have a Google AdMob Banner Ad

It's a simple yet quick interface. Please drop me a line at the website ( for future features, or if this tool isn't the Swiss army knife of Role Playing and I'll get to them as soon as possible! Thanks and Enjoy!

For More Info:
Google Play - Website

PS: Thanks Erel, NJDude, HotShoe, Informatrix, B4A Chat & the B4A Community for all the help! ;)


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