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Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by Obelix, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Obelix

    Obelix Member Licensed User


    now here ist my new creation, a SUDOKU Clone, named BLAKODO. I have design the application for HTC TOUCH (DIAMOND) in a lot of Black :)

    Now, you can use this litte game for free :sign0060:

    Have a lot of fun!

    ..:: UPDATE ::..

    Today, i have update the application. 3 new features are implemented.
    Feature 1: Save and Load
    --> Now you can save the level who are you play. And load at next time
    Feature 2: HelpMe
    --> 2 routines help you to fill out the fields (works only on Easy and Middle)
    Feature 3: Create you own Levels
    --> You can save 5 own Levels and load every time. So also you can create a
    Level from Magazin and so on

    If you miss a function, tell me!

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  2. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Hi Obelix,

    I tryed your program on my brand new HTC Touch HD.
    Unfortunately the the background image is stretched according to the bigger vertical screen resolution 480/800 pixels.

    Could you please post the source code so I can make the changes.

    Thank you in advance and best regards.
  3. Obelix

    Obelix Member Licensed User

    Hi Klaus,

    so, i have edit the game. I think, now it must run on your pda, without streching the screen. The new version i have changed in post one.

    Pleas tell me, if the problem now fixed, thanks.

  4. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Hi Obelix,
    Now the background image is OK.

    For the 800 pixel devices it could be possible to have 'real' squares for the grid.

    Nice application !

    Bestr regards.
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