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Hello. There is an error in the picture. How can i solve the problem. Do I need to update my software? Thanks.

This project: ble chat



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Firstly - it will do you no harm to upgrade to 4.30 - BUT - remember that iOS 11 is 64 bit - you have to setup your server to handle this. Go to Tools -> Build Server -> Server Settings - Click 64bit.

Secondly - From what I can see on your image is that manager.WriteData...... does not seem to exist. This could be that it physically does not exist or library does not contain that keyword. Make sure (according to the Tutorial) that you have all the latest libraries etc installed and properly configured.

In this scenario (whilst it is an experimental app before it becomes a commercial app) it is always best to click on File->Export as Zip and include that in your post rather than an image. That way we can have a look at the code and help much quicker.
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