Java Question BLE detecting button presses on BLE ring

Robert Zmrzli

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I am already for few days unsuccessfully trying to detect button presses on BLE ring:
I am able to connect to it, find notification characteristics, using SetNotify without complaint, but DataAvailable on presses never gets called.
There are 3 characteristics that show Notify bit on, but none of them triggers. Did not try multiple SetNotify settings at once, since elsewhere on forum I read that there might be problem with it, so singe SetNotify on each of those was used.
Those rings are inexpensive and open new way of interfacing with our b4x apps...
Project that I used to do these tests is attached. Device name (at least my) is "JX-05S", so this might need to be changed in source if yours is different.
Hopefully somebody here might shed some light on this.


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