1. red30

    Android Question BLE2. Transfer stops after sending 600 bytes.

    There are two android devices: There is also an FSC-BT616 bluetooth module, which is connected to a PC via a UART-USB converter. Program code: Public SaveDeviceId As String Public SaveServiceId As String Public SaveCharacteristicId As String Public ServiceIdStartsWith As...
  2. H

    Android Question BLE2 Library restricted to Service-UUID 6e400001-b5a3-f393-e0a9-e50e24dcca9e ?

    For testing I am using private UUIDs on the my server device: Service: c24995d4-0a48-41ec-b9c0-4c3488041ffa Characteristic1: 516e4a32-562b-4378-9ade-f64252fb5854 Characteristic2: d9bcf8c4-1d56-43ab-91a1-d82d7f52ef5f Characteristic3: 4fa4cc32-e3c4-4c8c-89e4-3c7b2b116403 On the 'nRF Connect' tool...
  3. G

    Android Question BLE2 Library - WriteData

    Hello! I have a bluetooth device. I have already read the posts about BLE2 (included the BLE 2 - Bluetooth Low Energy thread). My android device is paired correctly with the bluetooth device. I cannot understand the way that I can use the method WriteData. Is there a specific process, that I...
  4. pauleffect

    Android Question [BLE2] Set the preferred connection PHY,%20int,%20int) I searched the forum, but couldn't figure out how to request a different Phy from a BLE Server. I mean gatt.setPreferredPhy method. Would you kindly illuminate me?
  5. K

    Android Question BLE example seem to crash

    I assume BLE example is still good for use, I use Samung j4 Android 9 and it crashes, attached is the log capture
  6. E

    Android Question BLE2 dropouts when WiFi inactive

    This isn't a question, just an observation that might save someone the days of stress that I've just had. Symptom is an app that reads a BLE sensor, works great during development using B4A Bridge, solid as a rock. Then I recompile it with logging disabled (and now even comment out all...
  7. P

    Italian Utilizzo della libreria BLE2

    Buonasera a tutti, è qualche giorno che sto girovagando per il forum ma non riesco a trovare le istruzioni con tutte le proprietà ed i metodi della libreria BLE2 Bluetooth Low Energy per poterla utilizzare al meglio. In particolare devo trasferire dei dati tra un modulo HM-10 e android come ad...
  8. T

    Android Question CC2541 disconnects immediately after connection with BLE

    I am using BLE2 library (1.36) and the example code 'BLE_Example' posted in the forum to connect my Android phone (central) with a CC2541 chip (peripheral). I am using B4A v8.3. Initially, I was able to connect with CC2541. But, after a few tests, the CC2541 disconnects immediately after...
  9. cesarcm

    Android Question BLE2 latest version/release - where to dowload it?

    Dear all, BLE2 latest version/release - where to dowload it? Thanks. Regards, Cesar
  10. J

    Android Question BLE Peripheral - advertising data

    Playing around with the BLE peripheral library, I'm wondering if it's possible to change the advertising data. When doing a BLE scan with a RedBear Duo, it shows me: reportCallback: The advEventType: 0 The peerAddrType: 1 The peerAddr: 64 D6 55 74 E2 D9 The rssi: -55 The advertising data: 2 1...
  11. E

    Android Question BLE2 - Reading RSSI

    Hi, I'm trying to read rssi value from a BLE device connected but the event Manager_RssiAvailable never rise. I've tried with a pair of devices and the result is the same in both cases. I'm using a service: Sub Service_Start (StartingIntent As Intent) Manager.Initialize("Manager")...
  12. D

    Android Question Bluetooth enable/disable

    I have an android app using BLE2, but BLE2 doesn't have functions to turn the Bluetooth Adapter on or off. Is it possible to add the BluetoothAdmin lib to my app along with BLE2? Will they play nicely together? :) Thanks!