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I am porting a B4A APP from AP WIFI to Bluetooth on an ESP32, using the same configuration of astream and B4RSerialization used in the WIFI app

I am sending a 70 x 5 integer array by sending individual astream.writes of 5 converted integers.

This works flawlessly in WIFI but in Bluetooth I only ever receive 18 to 20 transmissions

Sub BT_astream_NewData (Buffer() As Byte)
end sub

No alarms or unusual messages received. I can resent immediately, but again only 18 to 20 transmissions seen

Would anyone have any idea why this limitation is showing up?


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Never hold the main thread in a loop:
Sub Wait(ms As Int)
   Dim n As Long = DateTime.Now + ms
   Do While DateTime.Now < n
End Sub
Nothing good will come out of this.

Try to add a proper delay:
Sub SendProfile
   LoadProfileArray                                           'Put some info in for test
   If Starter.BTConnectionState=True Then
       For i=0 To Starter.TotalDays-1
           For j = 0 To Starter.TotalSteps-1
               Starter.SendArray(0) = 2                   'Key for this data
               Starter.SendArray(1) = i                   'DayCount
               Starter.SendArray(2) = Starter.Profile(i,j).data1   
               Starter.SendArray(3) = Starter.Profile(i,j).data2   
               Starter.SendArray(4) = Starter.Profile(i,j).data3
               Log("i= "&i&"  j="&j)
               Sleep(100) '<------------------------
       MsgboxAsync("BT not Connected","Cannot Send")
   End If
End Sub


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Thanks Got it from here https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...ke-wait-or-delay-for-some-milliseconds.38465/

Also noted that if I enable

Dim be(20) As Object 'used as a storage buffer. Can be a global variable
Dim Data() As Object = ser.ConvertBytesToArray(Buffer,be)
Log("From IPAD ",Data(0)," ", Data(1), " ",Data(2)," ",Data(3)," ",Data(4))

Get the following error after about 20 transmits

Out of bounds error. Array length = 20, Index = 65535


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The sample I posted was a cut down version of a larger program using Bluetooth and I2C.
I removed the I2C portion for test purposes and lo and behold it all came right.
The more I use ESp32 the less I like it. Okay for one or two options but stretch it and it fails

Thanks for assistance