Android Question Blurry background image when switching between activities


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There are 10 activities in my appliccation, when I switch between some of them, the background gets corrupted. I use the same layout for 8 activities, if that may cause the problem? The background image gets blurry and fuzzy and when I go more than 10 times from the main activity to the one of the others, the app breaks.
First few times it is totally fine, but after five times it starts with being little blurry. Every single time I exit the activity and go back in, the background image just gets worse and after like ten times the app snaps. It doesn't give any errors or anything that could suggest any problem.
It is like that when I use AVD manager and also when I use wireless connection via b4a bridge.
Thanks :)
Please help :)


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Try to reuse the background images instead of loading them new everytime.
Why are you using 10 activities with the same layout? You can just stay in one activity i would say. Sounds not logically for me.

But without seeing what you have done and how it is nearly impossible to give advices.
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