Share My Creation Booble Breaker

The other day i was watching LTT youtube channel and they were reviewing an old pocket pc with windows. i used to have one and i remember a game that i was very hooked up with. it's name was booble breaker and i use to spent a lot of time playing it.

Now, i could have simply downloaded one for me from the play store but i thought i could be a very easy game to make, even for me, a guy that has never made a videogame.

Well then. ta da!

this game was created using the SimpleGameEngine library by @Informatix, so thank you! may be using the library is an overkill for what it does, but it is so easy to use and then i do not have to worry of any graphics issue.!AhE3aj_Pacq59kG-qr06QtQwrSvy?e=LZRCbd