B4A Library Bosch GLM100C - MT-Protocol to read Devicemeasurent from Bosch Rangefinder using Bluetooth

This is a B4A Library which uses the Bosch MT-Protocol to read Measurements from Bosch Rangefinders using Bluetooth/BLE.

The Library should work with these Devices:

 static {
        GLM_100_DEV_TYPES.put("3601K72Y00", "Bosch GLM 100-25 C");
        GLM_100_DEV_TYPES.put("00Y27K1063", "Bosch GLM 100-25 C");
        GLM_100_DEV_TYPES.put("3601K72Y50", "Bosch GLM 100-25 C");
        GLM_100_DEV_TYPES.put("05Y27K1063", "Bosch GLM 100-25 C");
        GLM_100_DEV_TYPES.put("3601K72YK0", "Bosch GLM 100-25 C");
        GLM_100_DEV_TYPES.put("0KY27K1063", "Bosch GLM 100-25 C");

     * Static map for GLM 50-2 family devices. Bare tool number is key. Device name is value.
    public static final Map<String, String> GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES = new HashMap<>();
    static {
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("3601K72T00", "Bosch GLM50-27 C");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("00T27K1063", "Bosch GLM50-27 C");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("3601K72U00", "Bosch GLM50-27 CG");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("00U27K1063", "Bosch GLM50-27 CG");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("3601K72T10", "Bosch Blaze165-27C");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("01T27K1063", "Bosch Blaze165-27C");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("3601K72U10", "Bosch Blaze165-27CG");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("01U27K1063", "Bosch Blaze165-27CG");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("3601K72UK0", "Bosch GLM50-27 CG AP");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("0KU27K1063", "Bosch GLM50-27 CG AP");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("3601K72U50", "Bosch GLM50-27 CG JP");
        GLM_50_2_DEV_TYPES.put("05U27K1063", "Bosch GLM50-27 CG JP");

The Library is given to the community by @Wolli013 who paid the developement and give it for FREE to any registered B4X Member. Thank you Wolli!

Author: DonManfred
Version: 1.0
  • GLM100C
    • Events:
      • devicefound (MTBluetoothDevice As Object)
      • measure (value As Float)
      • status (value As String)
    • Fields:
      • EXTRA_DEVICE As String
    • Functions:
      • cancelDiscovery
        Stop Bluetooth scan
      • connect (mtDevice As com.bosch.glm100c.bluetooth.MTBluetoothDevice) As Boolean
        Open connection to MTBluetoothDevice mtDevice
        BluetoothConnection (classic connection) is opened if the connected mtDevice supports dual mode
        BLEConnection (BLE connection) is opened, if the connected mtDevice supports only BLE
        Return type: @return:true if successful, false otherwise
      • disconnect
        Close an existing connection
      • Initialize (EventName As String, debug As Boolean)
      • isBluetoothEnabled As Boolean
        Checks if Bluetooth is enabled (switched on) on the Android device
        Return type: @return:true if adapter is enabled, false otherwise
      • onConnectionStateChanged (connection As com.bosch.mtprotocol.glm100C.connection.MtAsyncConnection)
        Callback that handles connection state changes
        connection: connection, which state changed
      • onDeviceDiscovered (result As com.bosch.glm100c.bluetooth.IScanResult)
      • onpause
      • scanLeDevice (enable As Boolean)
        Operating function to start or stop BLE device scan.
        Triggering scan will start scanning for a period of {@value #PERIOD_TO_SCAN_IN_MS} and quit scan after this period.
        Stopping scan will quit scan immediately
        enable: will trigger BLE scanner if true and stop the scanner otherwise
      • startDiscovery As Boolean
        Start Bluetooth scan
    • Properties:
      • Connected As Boolean [read only]
        Will check if service is connected
      • Connection As com.bosch.mtprotocol.MtConnection [read only]
        Will return the current Connection
      • ConnectionState As Int [read only]
        Will return current connection state
      • CurrentDevice As com.bosch.glm100c.bluetooth.MTBluetoothDevice [read only]
      • VisibleDevices As java.util.Set [read only]
        Get currently discovered Bluetooth devices
  • MTBluetoothDevice
    • Functions:
      • IsInitialized As Boolean
    • Properties:
      • Device As com.bosch.glm100c.bluetooth.MTBluetoothDevice [read only]
      • DeviceAddress As String [read only]
      • DeviceAlias As String [read only]
      • DeviceName As String [read only]
      • DisplayName As String


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Don - this is awesome. Any chance of adding support for indirect measurements (indirect length, indirect heigh, double indirect height)? When I try those in the example app, no data appears for those measurements from the device.