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A side scroller game that uses the accelerometer (original hey!)
I am not sure if I have implemented best practises, as there are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to graphics.
This is still work in progress, please feel free to rip it apart.

I think that the attached (which uses a canvas, is a better implementation, I have tweaked the controls, and worked out that I should have moved the views or images under timer, not in accelerometerchanged.

As to which is better for the battery, I would have to say the imageview example, as with the canvas example, I can feel the phone getting warm.


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Ive made quite a few changes. I'm still concerned about the amount of battery used (more than the display). It is playable as a (boring) game, but I have some additions and tweaks to do, to make it more interesting. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry about the code, I gave up annotating (time is not on my side now I have a job), so it may be a little difficult to follow.