Bug? Break point causes application to crash


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If I place a breakpoint in one of my Modules (class) and the program passes it, or I step into the code inside the class module then i get this error.

(Note If I just let the application run without stepping though code then no errors, just hard to debug if I can't see code running)

An error occurred:
(Line: 57) 57
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: anywheresoftware.b4a.pc.b4i_configurationdatabase

it is call from a code module as follows

Dim SystemDatabase As ConfigurationDatabase

fyi the code is the Public Sub is line 57 and resp is a string of value "32"

Public Sub SetRegistrationID(resp As String)
Log("Setting RegistrationID : "&resp)

Dim Version As Int = main.DatabaseVersion
Dim mySQL As String
If IsNumber(resp) Then
Log("RegistrationID : "&resp)
mySQL = "Insert into Version (Version,RegistrationID) values ("&Version&","&resp&")"
End If
End Sub

Note this is the first time used classes in a new application so could well be me!!!!

Cheers David