iOS Question Bridge app not installing on iPhone 6s


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I am trying to install the bridge on iPhone 6s running iOS 9.0.1 and keep on getting the message-

"B4i-Bridge" could not be installed at this time.
Done / Retry

I have gone over the following steps several times-
1. Added UDID in the mobile provisioning (added the first time)
2. Confirmed the provisioning profile file to make sure this UDID is included
3. Created the B4i certificate on the device
4. Run in B4i Tools -> Build Server -> Build B4i - Bridge App (using B4i Hosted Builder)
5. Navigated to the given address of the Bridge using Safari on on the iPhone
6. I get the Install App button which leads to: would like to install "B4i-Bridge" option box
7. Upon touching the Install option I get the unable to download message a few seconds after it is touched.

What could I be doing wrong or missing in the above steps that is preventing the Bridge from installing?


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Hi Erel, It is all working now. I was not copying the new mobile provision file in the designated directory. Once file was moved to the right subdir it worked fine and installed the bridge.

Thank you for your prompt response. Always appreciative.
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