Bug or by design??


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I am writing this little project and have all related project-files saved in a folder on my desktop.

Then, I decided to make new version of the project, so what I did was to simply copy the .sbp and rename the copy into "same_name_of_file+version2.sbp". The new file is still in the same directory and this is good since many resources (images, text-files) are still available without changing application-path. My project also has a module (saved as "MyModule.bas").

Now, working with the new source-code just created (copied), I also made some modifications to the module-file (.bas). No problems. At least, that was what I thought...

When I re-opened the original source-code (still in the same directory), my program did not work anylonger due to the modifications I had made in the module-file (.bas)!

So I guess, I am better off in the future to copy the whole directory with all resources and work on the new version in the new directory in order to avoid this problem. However, it would be nice somehow, if at least the module-file (.bas) was linked to the sbp-file by using the same name of the sbp-file in order to avoid similar problems.

I'm still using 6.80 so I don't know yet if this happens also in the new beta version.


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It is by design ;)

A module file is more than an extension to your main code file. In many cases you can reuse a module file in different projects.
If you want to have several projects in the same folder then you will need to make a copy of the modules, change their names and then update your main file to point to the new modules.