[Bug?] POP3.DownloadMessage vs. Messages.Size

Jost aus Soest

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I'm having problems to count the right number of mails in my gmail-inbox...

So I've checked everything with Erel's MailParser-Example, where I've only changed the pop.Initialize-line with my account infos (of course):
pop.Initialize("pop.gmail.com", 995, "[email protected]", "zzz", "pop")
And I've added this line in POP_ListCompleted to get the number of mails:
Log("*** " & Messages.Size & " ***")

The first problem is:
I get old mails, that I've already deleted a long time ago with the original gmail-app!

The second problem is:
Everytime I start the app, I get less messages!
(Of course without deleting any mails.)
When I don't use pop.DownloadMessage, the number of mails remains constant.

When I re-check everything with the web-interface of gmail I can see the real number of mails in my inbox: 1 (one)

BTW: There are no errors in the log.

What's going wrong?