Android Question Build a VPN tunnel in app.

Jan Van Gastel

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I am making a application witch reads out a controller/PLC, this is working.
Now in some cases this controller/PLC is behind a VPN modem/tunnel.
I can make this VPN tunnel with my standard Windows configuration, it is a PPTP tunnel.

Is it possible that my app will build the VPN tunnel ?

Syd Wright

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Any idea how ?
Simply configure your Android device to use the VPN. You will have to do that outside of B4A.
The procedure differs for each type of VPN. Read the instructions provided by the VPN provider.
It is more difficult on Android than on Windows.

I don't think it is possible to switch the VPN on or off via an App that is made with B4A. Maybe some VPN's allow you to use Intents (to switch servers and/or able/disable the VPN).