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Is it possible to add Multiline support for buttons (like there is for Labels)? Having "Adjust Font Size to Fit" would also be nice.

I have Buttons in B4A with long text and B4A nicely displays it on two lines. But in B4i the long text gets compressed to 'xxxx....yyyy" all on one line.

I see this code will do what I want but can't this functionality be added in Designer like it is for Labels with properties?

Sub SetMultiline(b As Button)
   Dim no As NativeObject = b
   no.GetField("titleLabel").SetField("numberOfLines", 0)
   no.GetField("titleLabel").SetField("textAlignment", 1)
End Sub
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Have you looked at Button.CustomLabel.Multiline and Button.CustomLabel.TextAlignment ?
No, but I was hoping we could get this added to Designer so I could set them while doing the screen layout. These functions are available for Labels in Designer so why not for Buttons? Not having control over them in Designer reduces the functionality of Designer. Are we moving away from Designer and to just coding everything inline now?