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Many thanks to 'walt61' who pointed me in the correct path many times. And thanks to 'DonManfred' who originally came up with the wmCalendar module, and lots of others who have contributed sample code to the forum, all of whom have helped me along the way, all my coding is done to keep my brain active since retiring, so every step may be a challenge but I enjoy every step.

And as always a big thank you to Erel for making it possible.

The latest update includes the ability to save an Allday event as well as selected times, any day that contains an event will be shown on the calendar date as light blue

I needed to create a calendar as part of my Personal Medical system, so after downloading various examples off the forum and playing with various source codes I knocked up this example, it's not perfect and needs tidying up but thought I'd share the code as is, in the hope, it will prove of use.

Please feel free to use the code and amend it accordingly, if you make improvements please upload as I'm learning all the time.


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