Android Question Cam2 - managing multiples cameras

I´m testing the camera2 lib posted here , the project works fine but in cases of smartphone with multiples cam (main, macro, ultrawide, ....) the app apparenlty just open the main camera.

Considering the code bellow:

    For Each id As String In cam.Camera.CameraIDs  
        Log("id: " & id)

It was found just 2 cam´s in the smartphone with has 4 camera (Samsung A70, Moto G8 power), the result is id: 0 , id: 1

When I try the official smartphone camera, opens correctly, for example, in macro mode, it opens the physical camera below of the main camera.

I was reading the official docs(Camera manager , Multi-Camera) and my guess is that needed do some of this implementation below about multi-camera on the camEx2 class.


I not sure if it is the reason for the camEx2 is not openning the others physical camera from the smartphone. Someone knows how can I do the implementation to work every physical cam´s?


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