Android Question CamEx2 : Delay on camera Display

Good morning, sir,

With this message, I would like to ask to be guided in order to be able to realize a delayed broadcast of the camera's video stream (max 30 seconds). (I'm a beginner with B4A, but I'm beginning to be able to realize some applications!).

I use CamEx2 ( without any particular modifications in my modest application.

I would be interested in being able to display what the camera itself has observed with a few seconds delay.

I imagine to set up a circular buffer and redirect the display with a delay. But I stumble on how to implement it.
Could someone advise me?

In advance, thank you.

I have been following your advice and I reach my first goal.

I understand from JordiCP (Crop CameraExPreview) that the preview data comes in the original camera orientation and CameraEx applies some orientation transformations to the displayed image. I have been obliged to apply opposite transformation to display the delayed pictures buffered. But the calculations slowed the frame rate down too much. So i just rotate the imageview (SetPivotX, SetPivotY and SetRotation).

I have set the zoom parameter by code but this one is centered and it seems not easy to get the maxZoom value on a zone of interest different from the center.
Do you have any other advice to reach to zoom on another focus point that the centre of the picture of the camera's video stream.

I found the JSTouchImageView librairy, but maybe I should use another method?

Thanks for your advices.
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