can anybody develop me a code-module?

Discussion in 'Job Offers' started by Wolfgang Trageiser, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Wolfgang Trageiser

    Wolfgang Trageiser Member Licensed User

    i am starting to develop a big app with b4a.

    this app works with 15-20 tables/files (which are stored in a local-sql-db and also in a mysql-db on my server.
    so i think its better to have a code_module which includes some subs for every transaction
    (like "read sql-table" or "read mysql-table" or "put sql-table" and so on).
    my both first tests with sql and mysql in b4a doesnt work correctly so i think its better, someone makes/developes me this code_module and i can extended this module for more options (and learn with this code).
    this code_mudule should be flexible, so the subs should have export and import parameter for the table-name, needed/used fields, and key-filters, and some more)

    i would pay for this module(with good inline-comments) 150-200 €.
    is anybody here who is interested to do it? (then i would give a lot more details for my needed module)

    @admin - is it ok to ask here in this forum for buying for some code/module?
  2. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    Firstly MySQL. If you need to use MySQl, I recommend that you use the following MySQL library from @DonManfred. Your code will end up nice and tidy (easy to read and follow) and trust me when I say that this is probably the fastest MySQL solution on this community.

    Secondly SQL. Are you originally saving the information in the local SQLite database then synchronising it to the onine MySQL database? You really do not need to pay an external developing to do that for you. SQLite is relatively easy to use and manage, especially if you design the database in an external windows program first then move it over to your project. There are plenty of free programs like SQLite Administrator, SQLite Expert, SQLite Database browser etc to help you manage your SQLite database, you will also receive lots of help from other developers on here as you are creating your mega project.

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  3. KMatle

    KMatle Expert Licensed User

    Must the server database be reachable via WWW (encrypted data transfer like RSA?) or is it just an intranet system? What kind of server is it? Hosted? php?
  4. Wolfgang Trageiser

    Wolfgang Trageiser Member Licensed User

    i need to use MySQLI - but i think its only on PHP-side something other as MySQL
    thanks for the link/tip - but it is very important for me, that the code is not tooo b4a-special - so i have no big problems
    when i migrate it to the B4I-version. is this library easy to translate to the B4i (ios)-version?
    yes, i want to save the data first to the local sql - and later synchronising with the MySQL-database. But also i read the
    the newest lines from MySQL and synchronise it with the local-db. all database-tables have a timestamp-field so i can
    check which one is the newer version.

    yes, the server-database must be rechable via www and i think its better to use an encrypted data transfer.
    i have a server from 1and1 (in germany) and i use PHP
  5. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    In that case you should use the PHP or RDC solutions. I'm not sure if Manfred will be creating the library for iOS, I do know that he tested it for B4J a few days ago just for the fun of it.

    Hmm, so I take it that you're creating a mobile solution that will display some sort of stored information on a Windows program as well?
  6. Wolfgang Trageiser

    Wolfgang Trageiser Member Licensed User

    yes. at a later time my app should also be run at windows-phone too.
    but first android, second ios, and then windows.
    thats the reasen to keep the code as simple as possible (makes migration to the user systems easier).

    if nobody want to develop me this module - maybe somewone is here which had developed a similuar app
    (using tables with a local SQL database and also with tables/files in a www-MySQL-database with PHP)
    and would send me the sel/mysql-parts/subs of these app for some money?
  7. moster67

    moster67 Expert Licensed User

    Perhaps you should have posted your post in the Job Offers section of this forum (or ask Erel to move this thread there).....
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  8. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    I've developed an app that connects to an online MySQL database. There's also a windows package that connects to the exact same database, thus instantly they share the exact same information. I do not store on SQLite then synchronise with MySQL like what you want to do, but that sould be easy enough to do if I wanted my app to do so.

    I agree with @moster67. If you do not want to do it yourself (it's not really that difficult), then your best option is to create a post in the 'Job Offers section' of this website.
  9. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    The thread has moved to the job offers forum.
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