iOS Tutorial Can I use GCM on IOS

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Can I use the GCM on the b4i?

for example in B4A i have the code below, can I use the same concept on the b4i to make by the end exchanging the messages Android<=>IOS ?

Sub HandleRegistrationResult(Intent As Intent)

        DeviceName = "test"
        If Intent.HasExtra("error") Then
        Else If Intent.HasExtra("unregistered") Then
            Dim j As HttpJob
            j.Initialize("UnregisterTask", Me)      
            j.Download2(BoardUrl, Array As String("device_password", DeviceBoardPassword ,"name", DeviceName, "id", ""))
        Else If Intent.HasExtra("registration_id") Then
            Dim rid As String
            rid = Intent.GetExtra("registration_id")
            Dim j As HttpJob
            j.Initialize("RegisterTask", Me)  
            j.Download2(BoardUrl, Array As String("device_password", DeviceBoardPassword, "name", DeviceName, "id", rid))
        End If
    End If  
End Sub

And for "intent" which library is equivalent b4i ?