iOS Question Can not use Digitally Signed font as custom font?


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Hi, I used this code to change the font of Navigation Bar:

SetNavigationBarTitleStyle(Colors.White, Font.CreateNew2("Open Sans Light", 18))

Sub SetNavigationBarTitleStyle(Color As Int, Fnt As Font)
   Dim attributes As NativeObject
   attributes = CreateMap("NSFont": Fnt, "NSColor": attributes.ColorToUIColor(Color))
   Dim no As NativeObject
   no.Initialize("UINavigationBar").RunMethod("appearance", Null) _
     .RunMethod("setTitleTextAttributes:", Array(attributes.RunMethod("ToDictionary", Null)))
End Sub

It used to work fine but today I can not use Open Sans Light font (Link on Dropbox)

I see the difference of this font to others is "Digitally Signed". Is there a way to use it? Thanks.