Bug? CanInstallToExternalStorage = True x Android Lollipop 5.0: Apps Disappears


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I have observed a strange behavior in my apps with the option "CanInstallToExternalStorage: True", when they are installed on Android Lolipop.
After 3 (three) days the apps DISAPPEARS.

I tested the attached codes in Moto G2 (Android 5.0.2) and in a Galaxy Player (Android 2.3).
In Galaxy Player the apps remains installed, but in Moto G the app with "CanInstallToExternalStorage = False" disappears.

What is happening?

How can I solved it?


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Douglas Farias

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I m already added
SetManifestAttribute(android:installLocation, "auto")
to manifest

now what i make with this line?

#CanInstallToExternalStorage: True

need set true,false or remove this line.
This line will not replace the manifest code?