Android Question cannot connect to daemon


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after release get this error

B4A Version: 9.30
Java Version: 11
Parsing code.    (0.19s)
Building folders structure.    (0.07s)
Compiling code.    (0.55s)
ObfuscatorMap.txt file created in Objects folder.
Compiling layouts code.    (0.07s)
Organizing libraries.    (0.00s)
    (AndroidX SDK)
Generating R file.    (0.00s)
Compiling generated Java code.    (2.00s)
Convert byte code - optimized dex.    (22.39s)
Packaging files.    (4.04s)
Copying libraries resources    (0.08s)
    Found 28 resource files.
Signing package file (debug key).    (2.32s)
ZipAlign file.    (0.09s)
Installing file to device.    Error
adb server version (40) doesn't match this client (41); killing...
could not read ok from ADB Server
* failed to start daemon
adb.exe: failed to check server version: cannot connect to daemon