Android Question Cannot set maximum camera resolution on Xiaomi Mi Note 10


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Using camex for taking pictures in my app which has been working well for a couple of years.
Client has just purchased Xiaomi Mi Note 10 which has a 108MP sensor and is capable, using the inbuilt camera application, of taking images at a resolution of 12032x9024.
Using camEx.GetSupportedPicturesSizes the maximum resolution reported resolution I see in B4A is half of that at 6016x4512. I did try setting the picture size to the higher resolution camEx.SetPictureSize(12032, 9024) but that results in an setParameters (failed) error.
Does anyone have suggestions ?


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That camera, along with those in some other recent phones, uses a sensor that is designed to have four elements per final picture pixel. Each group of four is intended to be blended to reduce noise, though Google's camera guru Marc Levoy (now at Adobe) is doubtful that it is of any real benefit over individual elements of four times the size. As a sort of hack the internal camera apps of these phones can often offer a top resolution using only one of each element per pixel, though the pictures may be rather noisy in anything but good light. This resolution for some reason is not exposed in the Camera API so there is no way you can use this for your own app.
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