iOS Question Cannot set panel height


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I've got a problem with a panel that does not want to retain the height I've set. It appears to be due to the layout animation. Here is the scenario:

I have 2 views, a B4XDrawer with a single panel in the left menu, upon load of the application I attempt to set the height of the panel to fill the left drawer height, but it stays the initial height that was specified in the designer. It's like there is a animation that is finishing still and is not letting me override the height (as i step-into the code, i can see it does set the height, and right after that line I can see there is an animation that sets it back to the designer specified height). I've set layout animation duration to 0 and damping ratio to 1.0, which has no effect.

I've struggled with this for awhile now with b4i in other applications we've tried to build and I have never been able to find a solid solution besides adding a timer to handle changes after a few milliseconds, and that is just unreasonable for a solution, there has to be a better way. There is no reason I should not be able to drop a panel in an app, set its height at load, and expect it to stay that height.

What is the appropriate solution here? I cannot be the only one having this issue.


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