iOS Question Can't see app icon when I build app


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I created my app icon as 1024x1024 and named it icon-store-1024.png.

I copied the file into <project>\Files\Special.

I ran the project in debug mode as well as in release mode, but I see no files in <project>\Objects\src\Images.xcassets\AppIcon.appiconset.

What am I missing?

Thank you...


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I found that my project was somehow (probably a mistake I made when creating the project) nested one folder down than where it should have been. As a result I missed seeing it's Special folder. Once I copied the icon files into that folder I could build and see the icon for it.

The first attachment (one.png) shows the folder structure where that Special folder is located that I copied the icon files into to make it work.

The second attachment (Two.png) shows the Special folder where most of my test projects are located. I put the icon files in here at first but they were not being picked up when I did a release build.

So while I got the icon finally to show up in the build release, I still think my project folder for this project is nested down one too deep, but it is working for now.

With that second attachment (Two.png) showing where all of my small test projects are located, I'm wondering how to have their project icon files separated. These projects all look like they are sharing the same Special folder.

three.png shows the folders for all of my small test projects. They all seem to be sharing that same Special folder.

four.png shows my first primary iOS project (ATCNotes) which is inside the (first) Files folders and has it's own Special folder.

I'm wondering if I installed B4i correctly to begin with? It seems to me that each project should have access to it's own Special folder?


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