Android Code Snippet Center Align Spinner Text: 95% perfect workaround

So far it's known that we can't center align a spinner text.
What I'm sharing now is a workaround that doesn't a perfect alignment but at least minimises the problem.
The trick is changing the spinner left padding based on the item(text) width.
The text is measured using Canvas.
X is the item text width.
Left is the left padding. The number 10 in the formula was used to adjust a little more the padding.

Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView)
    Root = Root1
    Spinner1.AddAll(Array As String("Item_1","Long Item_2","Very Long Item_3"))
    Spinner1.Color = Colors.DarkGray
    Measure_And_SetPadding(Spinner1.GetItem(0)) 'Align the first item (case it will always be the first to be shown)
End Sub

Sub Measure_And_SetPadding(SpinnerItem As String)
    Dim C As Canvas
    C.Initialize(Root) 'Instead of Root, use Activity if you're not using B4X Pages
    Dim X As Int
        X = C.MeasureStringWidth(SpinnerItem, Typeface.DEFAULT, 16)
        Dim Left As Int = ((Spinner1.Width - X)/2)-10
        Spinner1.Padding = Array As Int(Left,0,0,0)
End Sub

Sub Spinner1_ItemClick (Position As Int, Value As Object)
    Measure_And_SetPadding(Spinner1.GetItem(Position)) 'Reset the padding whenever a new item is choosen.
End Sub