Android Question Change orientation of WebView

Roger Daley

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Sub Globals

Private WebViewHelp As WebView
Private wve As WebViewExtras
End Sub

Sub HelpSub_Click
    PnlWebview.Elevation = 4dip                                            'Brings WebView intoview
    wve.JavaScriptEnabled = True
    wve.LoadUrl(xui.FileUri(File.DirAssets, "helpfile.htm"))
   ' Sleep(1000)  checked for timing issue did not help
End Sub

Hi All,
Second attempt. Please excuse the messy layout something went wrong.

I am displaying a help file {HTML] in a WebView which is on a panel. To make reading easier I am trying to show the Webview in Landscape, the App is Portrait.
The Help file is displayed OK until the orientation changes, then the main GUI is shown lanscape for a moment then goes back to portrait. Helpfile lost.

There is nothing shown in the error log.

Any ideas welcome as usual.

Regards Roger
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