Changing cell color in table control

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by aureolevoyager, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. aureolevoyager

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    I ideally need to highlight a cell in a table control by changing it's colour when action is required by
    the user. Is this possible?
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  2. Erel

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  3. aureolevoyager

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    From the library help file, it seems that I cannot set an individual row or cell colour but I can choose a colour to highlight every other row...but I will pm the author to see if his "professionl" version can do it
  4. richt

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    Did you ever find a library that did what you required? I have exactly the same need, to change a specific cell's background colour.

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  5. derez

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    The dot net includes only these options for changing backcolor of selection in a table:
    So I guess you can't do it, unless you want to invent something like pasting a bitmap on which you printed the text ...(like the trick of multiple lines in blist).
  6. nicolasWhite

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    I've tried it today - no success :)