Android Question Changing selected WIFI router with newer Android versions (e.g. API 29 +)


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Changing the selected router with earlier versions of Android is strait-forward for the software and the user. But with API 29 and above it gets almost unusable.
Maybe it's the way I'm doing it so I would welcome any suggestions.

if you use this:

MLwifi.connectWifiAP(SSID, SecType, Pass, timeout)
wait for Wifi_ConnectionResult (Success As Boolean)

then you get the following displayed by Android:

Device to use with AppName Cancel + (greyed out)Connect

Nothing else, i.e. No SSID given even though you have specified the required SSID

question 1) How to tell if Cancel was clicked at this point?

After some time(15 seconds or more sometimes) the SSID is shown and Connect is enabled

question 2) How to differentiate between Cancel being clicked or failure after Connect was clicked

If timeout passes without the SSID being shown then the following is shown:

Something came up. The application has cancelled the request to choose a device. OK

question 3) Why does it say 'choose a device' when you have specified the device you want to connect to
question 4 How do you differentiate the return from this as apposed to the 'Cancel' in question 1 or the 'Cancel/ failure in question 2

It would certainly be nice if the Android intervention could be avoided but I guess that's not possible!

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