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I'm calling up an modal form and show the title see (Modal Capture 1)
However when I go back to the original page and click again to see a modal form the title does not change see (Modal Capture 2)
The code is as follows

I'm sure the answer is simple but I just cannot get it to work.

Any ideas???

Thanks a lot

Sub tblTrans_Clicked(PassedRowsAndColumns As List)
    Dim tblTransCellInfo As ABMTableCell = PassedRowsAndColumns.Get(0)

    Dim tbl As ABMTable = page.Cell(2,1).Component(tblTransCellInfo.TableName)

    curwine = tbl.getString(tblTransCellInfo.Row, 1) ' find out the winetype of the row clicked

    curlabel = tbl.getString(tblTransCellInfo.Row, 2) ' find out the winetype label of the row clicked


    getwinecat(curwine, curlabel)

End Sub

Sub getwinecat(id As String, lbl As String)

'    create a Modal ABMtable To show records

    Dim newtext As String

    newtext =  lbl


    ABMGenBuildWineModal.Content.Cell(1,1).AddComponent(ABMShared.BuildSubHeader(page,"FirstLine","Winetype " & newtext ))

    tbl1.Initialize(page, "winedest1", True, False, True, "tbltheme")

    ' set the headers

    tbl1.SetHeaders(Array As String     ("Barcode", "Pallet Type  ", "Winetype",  "Current"))

    ' set the header themes

    tbl1.SetHeaderThemes(Array As String (  "bgr"   ,  "bgr"  ,   "bgr" ,         "bgr"   ))

    tbl1.SetColumnVisible (Array As Boolean( True,        True,       True,     True  ))

    tbl1.IsResponsive = False

    tbl1.IsBordered = True



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