Android Question Circular Progress Bar not showing up.

Juzer Hussain

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I am using circular progress bar class v 2.0. in B4A 10.2
The progress bar is not showing up instead a counter is showing.

I think I am missing something.

Can someone point out what is missing.


Juzer Hussain

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Hi Erel,

After you replied I tried
1. Deleted related controls added again restarted whole project.
2. Took a panel and loaded layout of sample project (just to check) and added in my project.
in both case it didn't show.

3. I designed a new fresh layout with only 2 controls as in example added in my project, It showed.
Encouraged by this I copied all views from my existing layout to the new layout again it disappeared.

For now i have moved on with normal PB.

To debug this i will have to add views from my layout to working layout(in step 3) one by one and see when it disappears.

I will let you know.

Circular PB is way too good to be missed.