Android Question Clearing logs doesn't work... Also about CallSub


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I have two quick questions, so I thought I'd better ask them in one post:
1. I don't want to see the logs for my previous run when I build and run my app, but even though I press the "clear" button and empty the log window and I've also checked the "Clear logs when deploying" in the IDE options, the log window still loads all the previous logs as soon as the app starts running. (I use B4A Bridge and my phone to run it) Any suggestions?
2. I'm using CallSub to call a public sub in my main activity from another activity:

'In the MAIN activity
Public Sub Test_Sub
    'Some code
End Sub

'In another activity that runs later
CallSub(Main, "Test_Sub")
But it doesn't call that sub. Is it not possible to use CallSub like that? (I tried using CallSubDelayed, but it messed up everything)

Thanks a lot in advance.


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You need to use CallSubDelayed when calling from another Activity.

Switch to B4XPages and forget about such issues.
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I see the same as you. It seems the log is only permanently cleared if you delete the app from the device and re-install.

I could be wrong, but that's what I see.
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