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Guenter Becker

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Happy Easter,

just tried to use Awesome Fonts/Material Icons in the Designer. Clicking on the three points the font window opens. Clicking on an icon to use it I run into a chrash/bug and get allways an error message. Please notice appended picture to have a look at the message.

I need help to fix the error. If not I am not able to use the Awesome Fonts with the Designer.

Thank you in advance
best regards from Germany

P.S. Using Windows 10 64BIT as OS.


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Guenter Becker

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@Selby: sorry, the question is not refering to any code. I's a question of a bug in the designer.
@nanjidusan: thankyou, the error still remains but ctrl+v works. That's ok for me.

Best regards Guenter
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